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How can Google My Business help you grow?

Did you know that . . .

  • 82% of consumers use Google to find information online,

  • 96% of all online searchers will never look past Google’s first page,

  • Consumers are using computers, tablets and mobile phones to find local businesses and services in their cities and neighborhoods.


So, is your business on the first page of Google local maps?

If not, it needs to be!

When one of your clients or potential customer searches on Google for a product or service with a location identifier, like a neighborhood, town, or city, a Google Local Map with those types of businesses will appear. Typically, Google’s Local Map will showcase up to 3 local places on the first page. Local Map Optimization puts your business right in front of the eyes of customers looking to buy what you’re selling. It gives your business’s contact info and your exact location, complete with maps and directions.

To compete in Google Local Maps, your website needs to be extremely focused on the specific search terms that people are looking for and the geographical areas that they’re interested in. But, getting a page 1 listing on Google’s Local Map is not that easy.

Google uses an algorithm to determine business rankings, and the factors that the algorithm considers is a closely kept Google secret. Additionally, to make sure that the secret remains a secret, Google is constantly changing and altering the algorithm to mix up the results.

This is where we come in!

Getting your business ranked on Google’s Local Map and keeping it there requires constant maintenance to counteract the changes that Google is constantly making. We have a deep understanding of how the Google Maps algorithm works and the factors used to determine rankings of Local Business Listings. We also have a few strategies up our sleeves that can help give you a competitive advantage in this area.

Google Maps Optimization is one of the biggest things to happen in the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Industry. It has revolutionized the way small and medium sized local business can reach their local market and local customers. And, we can help give your business a boost in the Google Maps rankings and help you solidify your rankings over time.

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