Mobile (Re)Design

How can a Mobile Friendly Web Design help you grow?

Do you ever leave home without your smart phone? No? Well, you’re not alone…most people NEVER leave home without their mobile phones in hand.

And, over 50% of your prospective clients access the Internet (and your website) from their mobile phones.

But, is your website design mobile-friendly?

Does it draw your mobile customers in to learn more? Do your prospective clients feel comfortable and interested when they arrive at your site when using their mobile phones?

Or, is your mobile layout clunky and cumbersome, causing your customers to leave before they even start looking at what you have to offer?

If so, you may be losing business.

Find out if your website is mobile friendly. Enter your website address into your mobile phone, and then check your site against the following checklist:

  • Can you easily read the text on screen, without scrolling left or right or zooming in or out?

  • Does your site load quickly? (Turn off your Wireless WiFi and switch to the 3G or 4G Data Plan on your phone to simulate the lower transfer speeds of most mobile networks.)

  • Can you see all of the important and core content of your site in one or two screen views?

  • Can you quickly get to different pages, and find what you’re looking for?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, your website has NOT been designed to be viewed on a mobile device.

A great mobile website caters to mobile device capabilities with features like:

  • Scaled down, easy-to-read content with simplified navigation.

  • Mobile-specific landing pages without flash, huge images, or unplayable videos.

  • Clear calls-to-action at the top of the site so users don’t have to scroll down.

  • Touch-friendly interfaces with buttons that are large enough to click on with a fingertip.

The latest reports on Mobile Internet Growth suggest that by this time next year, about 50% of Internet users will ONLY access the web from their smart phones. So, don’t miss out on connecting with these important customers. Engage your customers where they are…on their mobile phones.

If your website is not ready and able to engage and conduct business with your mobile visitors, we can help.

We understand the needs of your mobile visitors and can create the perfect mobile website for your business.

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